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Thanksgiving Eve

We lost power for about 7 hours the night before Thanksgiving, the coldest Thanksgiving in Boston for quite some time. Not able to get back to sleep as the house grew colder I went downstairs. The dog wanted to go out, so I obliged and was rewarded with a beautiful clear sky, full moon, and otherworldly moonlight. When I came back inside I did a little painting on my iPhone, using the Brushes App. I love drawing on my iPhone or iPad. It’s a great way to experiment with color, test out design ideas, and draw or paint anytime (since I almost always have my cell phone). A fun feature is the time-lapse camera capturing every mark. Take a look at David Hockney’s iPad paintings if you haven’t had the pleasure of seeing those yet.

Moonlit Sky, Brushes App, iPhone

Moonlit Sky, Brushes App, iPhone

Lisa Marder